International Public Transport Fair




01-03 of April 2020



On March 13-15, 2019, the 4th International Public Transport Fair will take place at the PTAK WARSAW EXPO International Trade Fair and Congress Center in Nadarzyn, near Warsaw. The fourth edition of the fair event is a meeting place for key representatives of the transport industry, bus manufacturers, coaches, parts, equipment, operators, carriers, local government representatives and representatives of the cooperating IT industry.

We plan to expand next year’s undertaking due to the success of the previous edition from additional panels such as rail transport, ecology and ergonomics of transport, new technologies in logistics, and the future of public transport. The location in the immediate vicinity of the capital creates excellent opportunities for companies to present their product offer in practice.

During the fairs there will be several premier vehicles and technologies, while in a modern conference center there will be many substantive conferences and industry talks led by outstanding specialists, transport industry experts and constructors. MT TSL 2019, held concurrently for the fourth time, will be a meeting place for leading representatives of institutions, organizations and companies dealing in transport, spedition and logistics.

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  • the area of ​​bus manufacturers / dealers,
  • a zone of new technologies,
  • spare parts zone,
  • vintage, vintage buses
  • the area of ​​companies from buildings, equipment, telematics systems, ticket systems
  • rolling stock area
  • Business Cafe
  • media area
  • the second hand bus market – outdoor area
  • conference area


    • Buses: (low- and emission-free, electric, vintage)
      – town and suburban,
      – trolleybuses,
    • Tourist coaches, company coaches. – Warsaw COACH
    • Specialized vehicles, special purpose engineering: (service, security, failures)
      – tugs,
      – workshop vehicles,
      – other vehicles for technical support and transport security,
    • Elements of bus, coach and related vehicle equipment:
      – drive units and coherent elements
      – Equipment: seats, finishing materials, linings, plastics, insulating materials, etc.,
      – Materials: glass, tires, rubber elements, accumulators, etc.,
      – Accessories for handrails, handles, buttons, door handles, switches, electric harnesses (until exhaust)
    • Equipment of technical facilities facilities:
      – car washes, equipment for washing the rolling stock, cleaning liquids,
      – jacks, lifts, duct devices,
      – devices and instruments for the maintenance and diagnostics of vehicles and their assemblies and equipment,
      – devices for filling operating liquids of vehicle assemblies and devices,
      – other machinery, equipment and tools for carrying out repair and maintenance
    • Fuels, lubricants, operating fluids:
      – fuel,
      – oils,
      – liquids for radiators, braking systems, sprinklers, etc.
    • Ticket systems:
      – production and distribution of paper tickets (paper, design, printing, security),
      – electronic ticket systems,
      – software for the distribution, recording and control of ticket sales,
      – ticket control services,
      – devices for sale, cancellation and ticket control.

    • Bus Stop infrastructure:
      – bus shelters and posts,
      – bus stops (benches, baskets, advertisements),
      – bus stop information,
      – other bus stop engineering solutions,
    • Labor protection measures:
      – uniforms of transport services,
      – clothing, work and protective clothing,
      – equipment, protective equipment and materials, individual health and safety measures,
      – innovative projects and solutions for improving health and safety.
    • Information systems in transport
      – design of communication systems, timetables, graphic work of drivers,
      – integrated fleet management systems,
      – vehicle location systems and their identification,
      – systems supporting traffic control in cities,
      – communication and data transfer systems,
      – testing of passenger flows and their analysis,
      – projects on priorities and facilities for urban traffic,
      – automation of refueling, registration and settlement of liquid fuels,
      – automation of passenger information,
      – electronic security systems in public transport.
    • Offers for financing investments in public transport:
      – proposals for financing investment purchases in transport companies,
      – financial consulting in the management process (supporting ownership transformations, improving the quality of work, ISO),
      – Insurance,
      – financial systems for supporting urban transport.
    • Support for public transport activities:
      – legal and consulting services,
      – support for operational and technical activities,
      – publishing and event offer.- ticket control services,
      – devices for sale, cancellation and ticket control.